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When I was three I wanted to be an author just Roger Hargreaves.

The first thing I wanted to do was change my surname to something much easier for children to pronounce.

The author’s love of shiny beetles started when she stumbled across her first ladybird at the age of 3 years old, and in her childlike amazement thought, “Who painted those spots?!”

Raised in Manchester, Nadia Holiday later moved to Australia with her family, where she earned her honours degree in Architecture.


Her fortuitous move down-under exposed her to a plethora of native beetles. Since becoming an aunt, she has turned her attention from designing buildings to writing beetle tales for her nephew and niece to enjoy.

Nadia Holiday is of Babylonian descent and was born as Nadia Hamoud on the 20th January 1975, at Al-Firdos Maternity Private Hospital on the eastern side of the River Tigris, Baghdad.

At the age of one, her parents moved to England, where her father, Othman, studied his Ph. D in electrical engineering at the University of Manchester, and her mother, Sana, worked as a civil engineer for KGB Infrastructure also in Manchester, and where Nadia herself went to school.

Nadia was an only child in her formative years, but not a day went by where she did not pester her parents for a sibling.


When the Iran-Iran War broke out in 1980.

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